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League Rules & Guidelines

Playing Rules/Guidelines – Intermediate 4s

  • Rally scoring – 3 games to 21 points, win by 2 with a hard cap at 23.  If running out of time, 3rd game will be to 15 points, hard cap.

  • Keep your own score

  • If you cannot field 3 players within 10 mins of the start time, you forfeit game 1.  After 20 mins, you forfeit game 2.  Because everyone is here to have a good time, please do your absolute best to not forfeit.  Pull players from resting teams if necessary, but show up to play.

    • Substitute players need to register on the site and sign waivers.

    • Please don’t invite your Pro player cousin to a recreational league.  You can play up a level, but not down.  No ringers.

  • No spiking, blocking, or overhand setting a serve

  • The ball may be hit with any part of the body

  • Players must maintain service rotation, but players do not have to rotate the position

  • No open hand tips

  • Receiving/defense with open hands

    • Serves cannot be received with two hands that are NOT connected

    • Receiving a ball coming over the net with an overhead open-hand set is not allowed in any of our leagues or tournaments. That means roll shots, forearm passes, cut shots, pokes, or any hit that goes up before it goes down CANNOT be received with an overhead open handset.

    • Receiving a ball coming over the net with an open-hand dig or overhead open-hand set is LEGAL only when receiving a HARD DRIVEN ball that has a downward trajectory after it was hit.

  • Setting the ball over the net with an open-hand set is NOT allowed in any of our recreational leagues. An open hand set that unintentionally goes over the net is usually an indication of a bad set. We encourage people to practice hand setting and the quality of the hand set depends on the particular league. Please call bad sets on yourself or your team but continue playing even if you think there was a bad set by the opposing team.

  • A block does not count as a team contact and therefore three maximum contacts are available and any player including the blocker can make the official first contact.

  • Lifts and carries are NOT allowed…please call this on yourselves

  • Touching the net at ANY time during play is not allowed…please call net violations on yourselves

  • Going under the net IS allowed only if it does not interfere with the play.  Please be conscious of players on both sides of the net!

  • We are all here to have fun so if there are any disputes, please replay the point.  Any conflict resolved by QBK Staff will require 10 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups or sit-ups, a pint of beer, and a shot of tequila!

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