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Drop-In Etiquette

To ensure a positive experience for everyone, please take a moment to review the following Drop-In rules and etiquette before you attend a Drop-In slot:

Registration by Level: Please register only for drop-ins at your level of play, or expect to play at the level designated for the time frame. This helps maintain a good time for everyone  who signs up!


Drop-In Participant Limits:

  • 2s Drop-Ins: Minimum of 4 players

  • 4s Drop-Ins: Minimum of 8 players

  • 6s Drop-Ins: Minimum of 12 players

Note: Happy Hour Drop-Ins do not have a max participant limit.

Court Availability: Please stay only at the court(s) assigned for your drop in level.  If there is available court space, the larger drop-in can use the second court. If the drop in size is even, court space will switch off games by level.


Getting on the court: Use the white boards near the court staircase to sign up for a court. Please sign up with your partner/team for only one court at a time. If more than 5 teams are signed up, games will be played King of the Court style (played for one point).

Winner’s Court: Winners stay on for 1 additional match and then go to the back of the line. After two wins, 2 new teams should come on the court. Losing teams go immediately to the end of the line.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, everyone should get to play. Please go out of your way to include any new players and make them feel welcome to our beach volleyball community!

Want more designated play time? Book a private court! Contact us at for more information.

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