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AVP Membership (silver or above) is required to participate in

all 2s tournaments!*

Adult Beach Volleyball Tournaments

All Coed 4s, Coed 2s start at 9 AM. For Men's A/AA 2s and Women's A/AA 2s, specific times are listed!
Check-in begins at 8:30. Team meetings begin at 8:45. First serve will be at 9 AM.

25% individual discount for QBK Gold Members
Please email to sign up.

Please add all teammates to your roster.

In your Daysmart Dashboard, scroll to the bottom and click "Manage Tournament". Click "Invite" and enter your teammate(s) email. They can now go through their email and accept it.

If you are experiencing any issues, please feel free to email us your teammates names at


Volleyball Tournament Information

Spend all day playing beach volleyball with QBK’s next Beach Volleyball Tournament!


With QBK’s 3 indoor beach courts, we’ll be on no matter the weather. Tournaments here are the perfect place to bring your cheer squad with courtside picnic tables, a full bar, and a kitchen to keep the team and the fans fueled up throughout the day!


4v4 Tournaments - $240/team - Coed 4v4 teams need at least one woman on the court at all times.

2v2 Tournaments - $140/team


Teams will be matched against each other to play for glory, medals, swag and QBK credit. For any and all questions please email

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Adult Volleyball Tournament in NYC
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