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YOUTH Program

Turn your college sports dreams into reality, or simply enjoy endless fun in the sand and forge lasting friendships at QBK Sports!

We currently offer two youth programs for children’s volleyball development:



  • 1x/week- $184 + tax

  • 2x/week- $250 + tax

  • Unlimited- $368 + tax

  • All ability levels

  • Grades 4 through 12



  • Tryout/invite only

  • Competitive Program

  • Intro to college sports

  • Only grades 5+

  • 2x/week- $250 + tax

  • Email/call for more information

Plus, we offer additional programming!:

Beach Volleyball vs. Indoor Volleyball

  • Increased Agility & Balance: The sand challenges stability, demanding greater focus on footwork and agility, translating to overall athletic improvement.

  • Enhanced Versatility: Smaller teams (2 players) require players to cover more court, fostering adaptability and well-rounded skills.

  • Lower Barrier to Entry: Often played recreationally with fewer equipment requirements, making it accessible to a wider audience.

  • More Relaxed Atmosphere: Relaxed setting and smaller teams can create a more laid-back, social environment for enjoyment.

  • Improved Endurance: The constant movement and digging in sand require greater stamina and cardiovascular strength.

  • Lower Impact: The softer sand surface can be gentler on joints compared to the hard indoor court.

What we provide for you:

  • Skills: Basic and advanced beach volleyball skills led by qualified coaches

  • Teamwork & communication: Develops cooperation, communication, and leadership skills.

  • Self-confidence: Promotes a sense of accomplishment and self-worth through mastering skills.

  • Social Opportunities: Creates opportunities to make friends and connect with others.

About QBK Sports:

  • Expansive 19,000 sq ft space: Immerse yourself in the thrill of 3 professional-grade sand courts, year-round, thanks to our climate-controlled environment.

  • Catering to all skill levels: Whether you're a seasoned competitor or just starting out, find your perfect match in our diverse programs and leagues.

  • 2+ years of community and excellence: Experience the passion and camaraderie that defines QBK Sports, fostering a supportive environment for players of all ages.

  • Relax and recharge: Unwind in our vibrant lounge or indulge in delicious bites from our cafe, making your volleyball experience complete.

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Referral Program:

  • Refer a friend and receive $50 credit towards your next month of membership

  • Don't forget to tell your friends to mention your name while signing their youth membership contract

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Bringing the Beach Indoors for Epic Birthday Parties!

A one-of-a-kind experience where kids can celebrate with the feeling of being at the beach, complete with sand, and the thrill of the game, all within a climate-controlled environment. It's the perfect blend of active fun, team spirit, and a tropical atmosphere, making it a unique and unforgettable celebration that's sure to create lasting memories for everyone involved. Click here for booking!

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