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The 7 Best Kids Afterschool Programs and Activities in Queens

QBK Sports is listed as one of the seven best afterschool programs and activities in Queens, NY. Full article is at the link below.

Best Queens after school programs

"Beach Volleyball after-school program at QBK is a great way for kids to learn beach volleyball and play in the sand all year round! QBK’s programs are great for all ability levels to learn and improve in the sport of beach volleyball. Coaches will keep your kids engaged, learning basic skills and movement of the sport, and most importantly – having a good time!

As players progress, the training and focus on skill becomes more specific. Instructors will focus on teaching and expanding basic knowledge, as well as the tactical side of the game. While at QBK, all games are played with a focus on improvement and fun!

QBK is here to develop beach volleyball in NYC in a safe, equitable, and friendly environment.

Offering 1x/week packages as well as unlimited attendance options for those who are interested in really committing to the sport. Contact and just add New York Family in the subject line."

Full Article on New York Family

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