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Youth Volleyball Mini Camps

Give your kids a great day off school with mini beach volleyball camps in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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About Our Youth Volleyball Mini Camps

QBK Sports Mini-Camp Days are designed for kids between the ages of 9 and 16 to learn and work the fundamentals of volleyball, develop proper mechanics and skills, and of course, have a great time playing the game! We offer comprehensive instruction in the sport of volleyball focusing on skill development.


Beyond the development of basic skills, our program will teach introductory athletic body movements to strengthen young athletes' bodies while providing flexibility. Our coaches will focus on individual skill development, communication skills, as well as teamwork which is essential for volleyball.


All skill levels are welcome! Players may be moved around and placed in different groups during camp as their skills improve. Any games played will be run to focus on performance rather than winning. All groups will have coaches teaching players the basic skills during drills and organized games for players to practice their new skills.

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